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Complete your Income Tax Return
Online Course

This course is delivered  in 4 lessons each lesson being 1.5 hours duration. 
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Aim of course 

This course will guide you through the entire process of preparing and filing your income tax return .

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Who should attend

Small business owners, bookkeepers and anyone who want to understand, prepare and file their Income tax return.

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Benefits of attending

The course will equip you with a process to file your income tax returns which will assist you  year after year. 

What is covered:

✓ Tips on good bookkeeping practices

✓ Income and expenses to include in accounts

✓ Allowable and non- allowable expense when arriving at taxable profit

✓ How to calculate taxable profit

✓ Allowances on business assets

Pension deductions

✓ Other sources of taxable income –

✓Rental, PAYE, Dividends & Deposit interest vcx

✓ Demonstration on how to file returns and make payments using ROS

✓ Deadline for filing income tax return

✓Preliminary tax – what is it? How to calculate tax and when to pay it?

✓ Questions & answers session

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Register for this self-paced online course and access: 

Live recordings of lessons and additional support
Unlimited access at a time and location when best suits you
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