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Revenue online services

Use ROS to its full potential

Aim of course 

This interactive course is ideal for anyone  who is currently registered or plan to register with ROS. Or for anyone who has the responsibility for communicating with Revenue on ROS.

Who should attend

 Employers, bookkeepers & administrators and anyone responsible for communicating with Revenue.

Benefits of attending

Participants will benefit from live demonstrations on how to register for taxes, file returns, make payments and communicate with Revenue through my enquiries. All participants will have access to a resource platform where they can access videos and other useful information with no expiry date.


What is covered ? 

  • Benefits of ROS & how to access ROS.

  • Demonstrate the 3 steps to becoming a ROS Customer.

  • How to register for Income Tax.

  • Filing returns online & offline using ROS.

  • Demonstration of filing online returns.

  • Download ROS offline application.

  • Downloading and completing ROS forms offline.

  • Setting up bank details for payments & refunds.

  • Explain the different methods of payment.

  • Using the Inbox facility for Returns, Payments, Refunds etc.

  • My enquiries with ROS

  • Apply for Tax clearance cert on ROS.

​Benefits of attending this online course

  • Self-paced learning option
    Select a time and place that suits you
    Access to 2 x 1-hour recordings which includes demos on filing and paying returns in ROS.
    Access to additional online resources
    Bite size recordings to address FAQ
    Unlimited access 
    Course content & resources are updated frequently to ensure its accurate and relevant
    Fee €89

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