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Understanding the

Payroll Process online course

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Aim of course 

This course demonstrates how payroll taxes are calculated, employers’ obligations with Revenue and how to advise explain tax deductions to employees. It will give a complete overview of the Irish payroll process.

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Who should attend ?

This course is ideal for employers, employees, or anyone responsible for the payroll function.

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Benefits of attending

You can avail of formal training and enhance your understanding of the processing payroll  

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Register for both Thesaurus payroll   and Understanding the payroll processing courses for €248.

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What is covered?

  • Introduction to the payroll process

  • Calculation of payroll deductions to include PAYE, USC & PRSI

  • Taxation of married couple/civil partners

  • Cumulative basis of Tax and USC

  • Week 1 basis of Tax and USC

  • Emergency basis of Tax and USC

  • PRSI class A calculations

  • Processing Starters and Leavers

  • Employers’ obligations with Revenue

  • Enhanced Report Requirements (ERR) - New in 2024

  • Automatic Enrolment (AE) - New in 2024

  • ROS - Statement of liability and processing payments

  • Importance of myAccount for all PAYE employees

  • How employees can ensure their tax credits are being maximised

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Benefits of registering

  • Self-paced learning option at a time and place that suits you.

  • Course delivered by a qualified accountant with more than 20 years payroll experience.

  • Detailed easy to understand notes.

  • Recording of Basic Payroll Computations (45 minutes)

  • Recording of Understanding the Payroll Process (2.5 hours)

  • Access to additional resources and bite size recordings to address FAQ.

  • Course content & resources are updated frequently to ensure it is accurate and relevant.

  • Download Certificate of Completion

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