How to get the most from your myAccount profile

Aim of course 

This course will give you an overview of the features and benefits available in

Revenues myAccount

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Who should attend ?

Employees and employers who wish to use their myAccount profile

to its full potential

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Benefits of attending

You can avail of flexible online learning at a time and place that meets you needs.

Unlimited access to the course recordings and additional resources

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Course contents 

tax courses

Create a MyAccount profile

Benefits of MyAccount 

Managing current years taxes includes claiming additional tax credits 

Declare additional income

Claim credits and reliefs  for previous 4 years

How to get tax back / claim a tax refund 

View  your payroll submissions 

Review taxes for past 4 years & claim allowances and reliefs

Apportion tax credits between spouses

Add or cease an employment on myAccount

Change assessable status

Retrieving statement of earnings from MyAccount


Benefits of registering

  • Self paced learning

  • Select a time and place to suit you need

  •  Access to 30 minute recording-  Overview of my Account

  • Access to a 45 minute recording- Getting more from myAccount

  • Bite size recordings to address FAQ

  • Access to additional  useful resources

  • Unlimited access 

  • Course content & resources are  updated frequently to ensure it's accurate and relevant

  • Fee €49

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